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Cookies are small files that are memorised in the navigation data of your computer regarding the browser in use. They involve the exchange of information between the website visited and the device. Each browser, depending on its characteristics, allows the disabling of the cookies even singularly relating to a specific site. Cookies, however, are necessary elements for correct navigation, when we refer to technical cookies. We therefore request that you selectively disable those cookies that are retained to be harmful to one’s privacy. Technical cookies or session cookies are used, for example, to remember your access details in a restricted area, while profiling cookies relate more directly to the analysis of the user’s behaviour with the intent of creating a personal profile of the users actions in order to send commercial material for example. Third part cookies on the other hand can be activated or have the potential to be activated on scripts that are incorporated to a website but are not the property of the manager of that website and cannot are not controlled by the manager of the website. Think for example of an “ I like” button on facebook or an advertising banner.

Disabling of cookies with the browser
This shows the links with the instructions for the management of cookies of the most common browsers:

MS Windows Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari
MS Edge

There is the likelihood of encountering animation or flash script during navigation on this website. In this regard we indicate the link for the management of flash cookies: Click here

Cookies in this website
This website uses technical and session cookies (which are not permanently memorised on the users computer and expire upon closure of the browser) which render navigation more accessible and more pleasurable if it is established, on time, how the use of technical cookies is necessary in order to enjoy a satisfying and free experience on the web. Without the use of cookies some functions and services on this website would not be accessible or would be accessible in a more complex and stressful manner. Moreover, there are third party cookies where information and related links are given regarding the management of individual cookies over which the manager of this site has no control.

It is noted that strictly necessary technical or session cookies do not require the explicit approval of the user. Among these are performance cookies such as analytic cookies which are used to keep track of statistics inherent to the site and which are completely anonymous. This site uses Google Analytics (Click here).

This site DOES NOT use its own profiling cookies but it is possible that third party profiling cookies may be used. Specifically this site contains the following third party cookies (with the relative links).

Click here

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Google and Youtube
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For the use of third party cookies not listed herein and of which the manager of this site is unaware please refer to the site which gives a list of the major providers that work with website managers to gather and utilise information useful for the fruition of behavioural advertising. You can disable or enable all the companies or alternatively adjust your preferences individually for each company. To do this you can use the instrument found at to check your behavioural advertising preferences.

The session cookies used in this site prevent the use of informatics techniques that could undermine the browsing confidentiality of the users and do not permit the gathering of personal information identifying the user.

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